Manage your real estate as efficiently as possible for an optimal return.
We are good at managing your real estate professionally. We relieve you as a real estate investor in both technical and administrative areas. Our handyman is ready to resolve all technical reports on a daily basis. To make administrative management as clear as possible, we have developed an unique management system. This gives you clear insight into your real estate portfolio.

In addition to regular management, Ben Vastgoedbeheer offers more!
Is it time for your home to be refurbished on a small or large scale? Or do you wish to rent out your property furnished to achieve a higher return? Ben Vastgoedbeheer will gladly take this off your hands. Ben Property Management offers you a property management total package that fully relieves you and generates an optimal return.

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Ben Vastgoedbeheer is a subsidiary of Ben Housing and Ben Vastgoed.

Ben Vastgoedbeheer started as part of Ben Housing. We were receiving increasing requests from our partners asking us to take on technical and administrative management tasks for them.
We found out, and we’re still finding out, that most property investors don’t want to have to worry about these things because their primary focus is their own business.
Ben Vastgoedbeheer excels at the both the administrative and technical management of real estate property and especially homes. We also manage small and large-scale renovations with the aim of preparing properties for the rental or sales market. We advise our clients and make 3D images which help us provide our customers with good advice about what does and doesn’t work in the current market. We regularly furnish family homes, apartments, studios and rooms to help make them more appealing to the international market in Rotterdam, like expats and international students.

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